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Compulsory Art History Examination for Student Artists
Compulsory Art History Examination for Student Artists

performance by Ben Aron and Ian Deleon

consisting of a mock examination aimed at testing the ability of a small group of mixed media artists to recognize historical references in contemporary works of art

the performance was followed by a series of discussions facilitated by the artists, which engaged fundamental questions regarding arts education in the U.S.

"Historic means of production can be informed by conceptual and multidisciplinary methods that can save them from becoming the stuff of hobbyists, a visual macramé. Students should receive training in the basic tools of Conceptualism, such as scholarly research and literary writing, as applied to traditional painting, sculpture, printmaking, glass, ceramics, and photographic processes, making muscled and poetic gestures more conscious and articulate and balancing craft with thought, while also gazing selectively at other disciplines.”

–On The Ground: Practical Observations for Regenerating Art Education, Ernesto Pujol (Art School: Propositions for the 21st Century)