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Mar 5, 1947 - Otis O'Toole is born in Jacksonville, FL.

Nov 14, 1974 - Adam Walsh is born in Hollywood, FL.

Around 1976 - Henry Lee Lucas meets Otis O'Toole and his 12 year old niece in Florida, the three begin a violent / sexual relationship.

Feb 15, 1978 - Ted Bundy arrested in Pensacola and eventually charged with several brutal murders committed in Florida.

Around 1980 - Bundy and Toole are held in adjacent cells at Raiford Prison in Florida.

Around 1980 - Mariel boat lift: mass exodus of Cubans into South Florida - including my father. Many were forced to take strangers with them as they left the
country, a lot of these people turned out to be violent criminals recently let out of jail by Fidel Castro.

Around 1981 - Freshly discharged from the Army, Jeffrey Dahmer moves to Miami Beach, FL.

July 27, 1981 - Adam Walsh is murdered in Hollywood, FL - two witnesses would later place Jeffrey Dahmer at the scene.

Nov 23, 1981 - Time magazine publishes an issue titled: Paradise Lost?, citing South Florida as one of the most dangerous regions in America.

Around 1983 - Brian De Palma's Scarface is released, depicting a very violent South Florida and creating many iconic scenes which people will continue to
associate with that area.

Oct 10, 1983 - Toole confesses to killing Adam Walsh, initially involving Henry Lee Lucas, later recanted. Henry Lee Lucas, at the time of Walsh's murder, was
serving time at a jail in Virginia.

Around 1983 - Henry Lee Lucas confesses to killing O'Toole's niece, "Becky" Powell some years earlier.

May 17, 1987 - Ian Deleon, this writer, is born in Miami, FL.

Around 1991 - Jeffrey Dahmer's murder trial is all over the media, it is learned that he was living in Miami Beach in 1981.

Sept 11, 1995 - Jimmy Ryce murdered in Redlands, FL - case is similarly portrayed in the media to the events of the summer of 1981.

A Holistic Timeline of the Murder of Adam Walsh