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score for single performer | November 12, 2010 | Boston, MA
Exit the school, using the doors closest to the Pozen Center. Once outside, walk down Evans Way towards the body of water known as the Fens, keeping the Isabella Gardner Museum on your left. From the corner of Evans Way and Fenway, cross the street and locate a rubber suit hanging from a tree branch. Remove your shoes, and slip into the rubber suit.
Once comfortable, carefully enter the water, making sure your footing is well balanced (it is highly encouraged to find a walking stick at least three feet in length). As you venture further and further away from the shore, consider what kinds of things you would expect to find beneath the water in wetlands such as this.
Recall your earliest memory of being in a body of water, whether it was a positive or negative experience. Reflect on the characteristics of this wetland known as a "fen"; described as "a broad expanse of nutrient-rich shallow water in which plants had grown and died without fully decaying." Continue wading through the water until you notice something on the water's surface. 
After carefully examining the object, remain in your present position and survey the area around you, taking time to notice the smell of the water and the dirt from the shore, the sound of the animals swimming nearby or foraging far away. Once on land again, remove your suit and take one last look at the center of the fens before making your way back to the school. Return the suit to the tree where you found it. I encourage you to take this text home with you and consider the title of the piece under relaxing circumstances. Thank you for participating.
  - Ian Deleon 2010

August 10, 1981 Vero Beach, FL

^date and location of the discovery of Adam Walsh's body