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Invitación a Volar (Daiquirí)
Invitación a Volar (Daiquirí)

Hurricane/shot glass, gasoline, flag, lighter, fruit, sugar, found photograph + mixed-media
Dimensions variable

An alternate reading of the exhibition's title, "Invitation to Fly", in some Spanish-speaking areas, elicits the more aggressive interpretation of: an "Invitation to Blow-Up". This dual meaning reflects the entire exhibition's unresolved attitude between a peaceful and a violent solution to the de facto colonial status of the Caribbean.

The accompanying photograph depicts U.S. troops landing at Daiquirí, near Santiago de Cuba, during their intervention in the Cuban war of independence against Spain in 1898. Confronted with the colonial lineage of the popular drink, the Daiquiri, viewers are invited to use the modified cocktail in a symbolic act of decolonization that mirrors the actions of the Spanish colonizers when tasting the chicha of the Incas.