portfolio > El mayoral en el paraiso / The overseer in paradise

from Richard Ligon's A True & Exact History of the Island of Barbados (1657)

"This fruit within, is neer of the colour of an Abricot not full ripe, and eates crispe and short as that does; but it is full of pores, and those of such formes and colours, as ‘tis a very beautifull sight to look on, and invites the appetite beyond measure.

Of this fruit you may eat plentifully, without any danger of surfeting I have had many thoughts, which way this fruit might be brought into England, but cannot satisfie my selfe in any; preserv’d it cannot be, whole; for, the rinde is so firm and tough, as no Sugar can enter in; and if you divide it in pieces, (the fruit being full of pores) all the pure taste will boyle out.

‘Tis true, that the Dutch preserve them at Fernambock, and send them home; but they are such as are young, and their rinde soft and tender: But those never came to their full taste, nor can we know by the taste of them, what the others are.

From the Bermudoes, some have been brought hither in their full ripenesse and perfection, where there has been a quick passage, and the fruites taken in the nick of time; but, that happens very seldome.

But, that they should be brought from the Barbadoes, is impossible, by reason of the severall Climates between. We brought in the ship seventeen of severall growths, but all rotten, before we came halfe the way."

use of the term "abacaxi" (pineapple) in Brazilian Portuguese