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Mélangean (detail)
Mélangean (detail)

painted lambi (conch) atop research material brought over courtesy of the Boston Public Library system--topics include, Negritude, Créolité, the colonized mind, gender performance in the caribbean, Surrealism, history of Martinique, poetry, female writers/intellectuals, Blackness, postcolonial studies

"I wanted to transform the outside of the shell in order to bring out the beauty and complexity that was hidden inside. Naturally, this external transformation would take the form of a "Blackwash", a representation of my growing Afro-Caribbean consciousness. The result, I think, is that the conch becomes even more beautiful, more pronounced.

This process also had the effect of highlighting the fleshy, muscular appearance of the lambi's interior, which many will attempt to "listen to" in order to catch the whisper of the ocean. For me, that whisper, that deep, pelagic knowledge has been transferred to me via these books on Caribbean topics. In a sense, I was putting my ear to the writers of Négritude and Créolité, and listening--allowing the veracity of their prose and poetry to wash over me like an awesome, revolutionary wave…a tidalectic moment."

Featured in the article Conch ou lambi?, by the Association Internationale des Critiques d'Art (AICA), Caraïbe du Sud, representing the Southern Caribbean

the lambi is now in the private collection of Frederique Dorleans & Ricardo Ozier-lafontaine