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sitting on the roof, eating watermelon and spitting out bullet casings rather than seeds at the gathered crowd

a subtle reference to The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, this final gesture in the context of our entire performance became an unconscious but powerful nod to the present controversies regarding Charles Ray's nude sculptures of the young Huck Finn and the runaway slave Jim in nature.

"Jim, the runaway slave, is nine feet tall, a handsome black man in the prime of life, standing very straight and gazing somewhat apprehensively into the distance. His right hand, palm down in what appears to be a protective gesture, hovers a few inches above the bent back of the fourteen-year-old Huck, who is reaching down with one arm to scoop something—frogs’ eggs, Ray said—out of the river. Both figures are naked. Like many of Ray’s works, the sculpture is arresting, powerful, and psychologically loaded, and its future is currently in doubt."

photo by Vela Oma