portfolio > Night of Faith

set in a semi-abandoned mall in downtown Lima, this performance begins with the insect descending the escalator while AGROFEMME cleans up the mess left by a previous performer. She then begins following and cleaning up the bug's mess: shavings from an eroticizes cucumber and seeds from an exploded pair of testicle-like local fruit, granadilla. Once I've 'cum', AGROFEMME begins using her cleaning instruments to thrash my carapace, bringing me to collapse in agony in an empty wishing fountain. She then uses a knife to slash at my body, revealing a wound that oozes out an opaque, sweet, yellow liquid, which AF consumes with ecstasy. Crawling out of our pit of mortification, both performers collapse at the foot of another escalator, enclosing the performance and revealing its cyclical/eternal nature.