portfolio > Paradise Lost

This multi-faceted project began as an investigation into the power of media exposure at an early age to create long-lasting images in our psyches. Specifically, I wanted to think about the case of Adam Walsh, a young boy who was murdered, before I was even born, but still managed to become an inseparable part of my media intake.

My research into his case, and a similar case that was happening while I was a young boy, lead me to discover several tantalizing coincidences regarding the state of Florida and violent criminals. The findings provided me with the impulse to consider this image and the murder of Adam Walsh holistically, in the context of several other events in Florida, to try and create a feeling of what it was like to grow up there during those times.

The project evolved into several distinct pieces which include research and data compilation, digital image manipulation/collage, photography, sculpture, and a performance score.