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In the Romantic era, the myth of Prometheus came to be regarded as the story of a champion for humanity; someone who valued scientific progress, and sought to liberate people from the oppressiveness of governing regimes. This heroic reading of the revolutionary is further complicated by the acknowledgement that Prometheus was often overreaching, and his uncompromising efforts to improve life could also lead to tragedy for mankind.
Mary Shelley's Frankenstein novel, with its subtitle, The Modern Prometheus, is the embodiment of this dichotomy in Romantic literature.

Using original and found footage, this video presents a chronological look at Chairman Mao's years in power through the lens of the Promethean story. By creating these parallels, I wish to complicate the traditional Western view of Chairman Mao by showing his legacy in a way that is more representative of many Chinese attitudes; a recognition of his monumental mistakes coupled with an appreciation for his strengthening and reunification of China.

The title is derived from a short text on Prometheus written by Franz Kafka.

upcoming and past screenings:

Jornadas de Reapropiación found footage film festival | D.F., México | November 2015
ARKIPEL Documentary and Experimental Film Festival | Jakarta, Indonesia | August 2013
5to Festival Internacional de Video Arte Camagüey | Camagüey, Cuba | April 2013