portfolio > Radio Noriega: Just 'cause

December 23, 2013 - 6 hour performance on the 24th anniversary of the 1989 invasion of Panamá ordered by George Bush Sr., with its infamous use of blaring Rock ‘N’ Roll music to supposedly overwhelm the psychological state of military dictator Manuel Noriega (graduate of the terror-breeding U.S. military academy: The School of the Americas).

An online resource provided me with access to documents from the United States Southern Command, which featured several pages worth of song titles requested by military personnel for the express purpose of annoying Noriega out of his hiding spot at the Vatican embassy during Operation "Just Cause" / Operation "Nifty Package".

After culling these titles down to a playlist of those which most cleverly (though probably unintentionally) revealed the sadistic and imperialistic antagonisms at the core of the U.S. military actions in Panamá, I decided I would assume the role of a cyber disc jockey, remembering the anniversary of this disastrously brutal extraction procedure by playing the songs and live-blogging throughout the entire event.

My personal Facebook account became a platform from which I could ruminate on the aftermath of the 1989 invasion, its relationship to previous instances of U.S. interference in the region, and the present application of a historical notion of North American cultural superiority--personified then by members of the armed forces stationed in Panamá, and their belief in the transformative power of Rock music.