portfolio > Caribbean Overtures: Teddy to Ronnie


performance during THINK OF YR FUTURE, organized by Laura Blüer and Miles Pflanz @ Grace Exhibition Space

I begin by drawing a chalk outline of the entire Caribbean region on the floor of the performance area. Several areas on this map are highlighted: Washington, D.C., Miami, Cuba, Central America, Puerto Rico and Grenada. Later, wearing a Ronald Reagan mask, a suit, backpack, and a collar made out of children's shoes, I proceed to interact with the map, the audience, and several symbolic objects in a pseudo-pedagogical journey through the United States' interventionist presence in the Caribbean throughout the 1980s.

Throughout the piece, audience members are hurling tomatoes and empty beer cans at me while I attempt to recount these histories of imperial intervention from a hyper-conservative point of view.

The layout of the performance is inspired by this political cartoon of Teddy Roosevelt stomping barefoot through the Caribbean; Juan Downey's work with maps of Latin America, and Shalini Puri's analysis on the lingering affects of the U.S. invasion of Grenada on the Caribbean and Latin American Left.

reviewed in "Screaming Our Way into the Future" by Olivia Gagnon for INCIDENT magazine