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In September 2014, I was invited by Holly Bynoe of ARC Magazine and Caryl* Ivrisse-Crochemar of 14°N 61°W espace d'art contemporain to develop a project for an exhibition to be held at Caryl*'s space in Fort de France, Martinique.

For FUTURE MEMORIES, I would spend a week in Martinique, interacting with several local artists and in particular the landscape within Fondation Clément, a rum/banana-producing estate with a public engagement/cultural dimension. Throughout my stay on the island, I read widely on and listened attentively to Martinicans commenting on their ongoing (neo)colonial condition and on their relationship to the rest of the Caribbean region.

These investigations prompted me to respond in a variety of ways to my temporary environment; in this short amount of time, I created performances for camera, photographs, sculptural installations, public interventions, and developed a new literary understanding of my fluid identity.

The entire experience has engendered a lasting interest for me in French Caribbean art, history & politics -- to keep up with what I have continued learning regarding the region, please check out these relevant posts on my blog.